The Noisettes Shingai Shoniwa

    Music and fashion are a potent twosome. English-Zimbabwean front woman singer and bassist of UK's The Noisettes, Shingai (shin-guy, "persevere" in the Zimbabwean Shona language) Shoniwa is one-of-a-kind woman who approaches fashion with the same gusto and non-conformist manner in which she approaches music.

    "I love dressing up. I'm from a huge African family and grew up in a really colorful place. The way I dress reflects my environment and wanting to take people into a fantasy world for half an hour," Shoniwa has said.

    I seriously have developed a serious girl crush on Shoniwa. She experiments and just like her music, Shoniwa's style is the result of a medley of inspirations. She manages to pull off the craziest looks with such aplomb, while anyone else would just look ridiculous in them. Too much is never enough for Shoniwa who usually finishes off her eye-catching outfits with piles of accessories.

    While she's made a name for herself in the UK as a fashion red carpet star, Shinowa's fashion cred is steadily growing here in the states where her daring looks has won her cult fans. Take a look at Shoniwa's cheeky outfits and get ready to feel inspired to be braver when it comes to your style.

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The Noisettes Shingai Shoniwa

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